• Welcome to the Walk in My Shoes Project

    It started out as a team of six college students being given the task of producing an open-ended project that “deals with discrimination, diversity, and media.” What came out of that collaboration was the web and video project: Walk in My Shoes, a group effort that would challenge our boundaries, frustrate our sense of comfort, and force us to reflect and reconsider our perceptions of privilege and prejudice experienced by ourselves, and those around us.

  • Taking on Discrimination

    The idea was simple...

    The group would take on three forms of discrimination: gender identity, class, and ableism, and attempt to broaden our understanding of the struggles associated with these issues by physically placing ourselves in situations where we could potentially face those hardships and discrimination firsthand.

  • Gaining Perspective on the Disparity of Others

    It is never easy to leave our respective comfort zones and voluntarily experience what some individuals difficultly live through day-in and day-out, and admittedly, our group was privileged in that our circumstances were simulated. But our goal was never to create the perfect simulation project, but rather to create a learning experience where we would push ourselves to engage with the information, and immerse ourselves intensely in gaining perspective on the disparity experienced by others. What ultimately came out of our individual experiences within Walk in My Shoes was a greater sense of awareness and personal connection to forms of discrimination we might never have otherwise encountered intimately.