Motion Phone

Motion Phone (1995) is a networked version of Motion Sketch. With this software, multiple computers, networked via the Internet, communicate together, working simultaneously in the same dynamic canvas. As an experiment in abstract visual communication, this enforces a few social rules. Instead of a fixed size canvas, Motion Phone provides an infinitely zoomable plane. Multiple ""conversations"" can take place at any position or scale within this virtual world. However, this results in a perceptual problem – each performer cannot be certain what the other is looking at. Similarly, performers have independent control of frame rate. If one person sets their frame rate low, they can seem to run circles around the other, creating at miraculous speed and with incredible temporal precision. Each performer can only erase his own work, and one can also choose to not display anyone else’s work if privacy is desired. However, the background color is set to the last person’s choice so that there is at least one thing to fight over: changes to background color are instantaneous and startling.

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