Hi my name is Melina Jesser, welcome to my website! I am a graduate of May 2014 from Washington State University Vancouver with a Bachelors Degree in Digital Technology and Culture. The focus of my Bachelors Degree was in multimedia design, I enjoy working on websites and designing web pages, tablet apps, phone apps and marketing designs as well. I have experience in working with several different companies redesigning websites, developing websites, designing and creating print work as well as logo work. Check out my design page to see some projects I have worked on both professionally and within the DTC program at WSUV. If you like my work feel free to contact me! I do freelance work for small businesses and am hoping to find a full time job with a company like yours!






Responsive Webdesign



During my time in the Digital Technology and Culture program I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects. Those projects include designing and coding websites such as MotionSync, a project for a Digital Curation class, Walk In My Shoes, another class project for a Digital Diversity class, and also coding and designing a web book based on Harry Potter for an Advanced Multimedia class in which I learned how to code using not only HTML 5 nad CSS3 but JavaScript and JQuery as well. For my senior project I was the project manager for the Clark County Website Redesign team in which we designed and coded a virtual precinct for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. I have also had the opportunity to use my skills on a professional basis, designing a magazine ad for a construction company, as well as coding updates and additions to an excavation business website. These works can be viewed on my design page.