Three Pillars of WebAR

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"IT" or Information Technology is all the supporting technical stuff needed to run your business. The trick is to NOT spend so much time on managing servers, software, backups, licenses, etc. to the point that it hampers your ability to efficiently run a profitable enterprise. For over a decade we have provided the "IT" to help our customers do what they do best. We can do the same for you.

To stay ahead of the competition you've got to be flexible and your collection software needs to have your back when you tell your client "Yes, we can!" WebAR was built from the ground up with customization in mind. With over half a century's experience in the collections software business, we know that being agile can win you clients.

If your staff is still forced to perform many manual processes on a supposedly "automated" application, then perhaps it's time to give us a call. WebAR is designed to automate many of the mundane tasks that rob your people of productive time.

Web Based Debt Collection Software

WebAR is designed for collection agencies, of all sizes, who are looking for a software platform that will grow with their business. It's the perfect cost effective solution, that's not overly complex, to power your business. WebAR doesn't require an expert IT staff, offers a short implementation and deployment time, and supports all InterProse WebAR add-on packages.

WebAR Offers:

  • A cloud computing debt collections platform that brings continuity to the consumer-collector-grantor relationship
  • Our Virtual Agent Debt Collector, enabling consumers to self-cure their own accounts
  • Integrated tools to keep your clients well informed and engaged in the debt collection process

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Increase Your Revenue and Customer Service with Our Virtual Agent

Meet Our Virtual Agent

  • Our virtual collector can have a significant impact on your bottom line.
  • 20% – 50% Increase in online payment revenue
  • Up to 50% more dollars collected per session
  • 50% - 65% Conversion rate
  • Increase online payments from 2% to 15%

Did we mention it's mobile friendly? Payments can be taken straight from your customers phone!